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Please take a few minutes to fill out this membership survey. It helps the club know about your paddling interests so the club can design events and programs to meet your needs.

Also, it helps us promote paddling in Northwest Indiana by providing us with information we can take to public officials to demonstrate the need for paddler friendly facilities.

Thanks again for your interest in joining NWIPA!

NWIPA will not share or sell your name or contact information with any third party. Only summarized statistics may be used for the purpose of promoting Northwest Indiana Paddling.

NWIPA Membership Survey

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Do you currently own a canoe or kayak?
Which type of paddling interests you?
Are you a member of any other paddling clubs?
How would you rate your paddling skills?
Where do you do most of your paddling? (Check all that apply)
Are you a member of any conservation or civic organizations??
What interests you most & hope to accomplish through the paddling club?     (Please check all that apply)

Promoting Canoeing & Kayaking Eco-tourism in Northwest Indiana

Increasing Recreational Padding Opportunities Throughout the Region

Supporting Ecological Conservation and Restoration Efforts

Finding New Paddling Friends

Paddling Trips Outside of the Region

Providing a Voice for Canoeists and Kayakers Throughout the Region

Increasing Public Access and Helping to Enhance Our Water Trails (Log Jam Removal, Beach & River Cleanups, etc.)

Supporting Environmental and Outdoor Recreational Educational Efforts

(Example: teaching kids how to canoe and kayak while learning about their Surroundings.)

Partnering on Projects With Other Paddling and Conservation Organizations

Other Interests or Ideas:

Do you have any special skills, interests, or ideas that you would like to share to help the group?
(Example: web design, teaching experience, paddling skills trainer, ecological expertise, specialized trade, writing skills, etc.)
Would you like to serve on an NWIPA committee?
(Check all that apply.)

Blueways Stewardship

Education and Outreach

Paddling (events and outings)

Operations and Finance

Little to no experience, but would like to get started

Little or no experience, but would like to get started.

First Name

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