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Northwest Indiana Paddling Association is an American Canoe Association (ACA) Paddle America Club (PAC), so we receive all kinds of support from the ACA. Through the ACA we receive insurance on NWIPA events and grant money for our blueways stewardship programs. ACA honored NWIPA with the ‘ACA Stroke of Achievement Award’ at the ACA annual conference in 2010.
NWIPA members are strongly encouraged to become members of the ACA as well. As a member of NWIPA your membership to the ACA is discounted; benefits of joining the ACA include:

**Waived $5.00 insurance fee for most NWIPA paddling events**. This means that if you are an ACA member you may attend an unlimited number of NWIPA events and you’re already covered by ACA insurance.

Stewardship support

Educational and Instructional resources

Choice of Rapid Media magazine titles

Exclusive access to ACA’s Sugar Island

Significant discounts on Subaru vehicles and products from our industry partners

Access to hundreds of ACA-sponsored events

Quarterly updates on critical paddling issues

Members only backcountry paddling opportunities

Be sure to select ‘Northwest Indiana Paddling Association’ for your club affiliation for your ACA membership discount.
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