Northwest Indiana Paddling Association


On a cold winter day in January, 2009, more than 50 avid canoeists and kayakers braved the elements to attend the kick off party for this exciting new club. Joined by a common interest in paddling, environmental awareness, and friendship, the Northwest Indiana Paddling Association was formed.

The gathered paddlers heard about the club's signature events in the works: the Ecofit Challenge race and fun float, and a two day paddling expedition along the Lake Michigan shoreline from Michigan City to Chicago in association with the Burnham Plan Centennial. Also, there were presentations on the development of blueways for the region's paddlers, the Marquette Plan for regional development, and ideas to develop and act on the goals of the club.

The motivated paddlers pledged their support to the goals of paddle sports promotion, education, environmental awareness, stewardship of our waterways, and building friendships through paddling.

Soon after our first meeting, news of our new club had spread far and within months the membership has grown past 150!

If this sounds like a group for you, please join us!  Visit our Membership page here...

Helping to Promote Canoeing & Kayaking in Northwest Indiana
Increasing Recreational Paddling Opportunities throughout the Region
Supporting Watershed Ecological Conservation and Restoration Efforts
Increasing Public Access and Helping to Enhance Our Water Trails
Log jam removal, river cleanups, etc.
Promoting Paddle Sport Knowledge and Safety
Supporting Environmental and Outdoor Recreation Educational Efforts
Providing a voice for Canoeists and Kayakers throughout the Region
Finding New Friends Interested in Canoeing, Kayaking, and the Outdoors
Having Tons of Fun Paddling our Wonderful Waterways!!!
NWIPA’s Mission
How it Started
Born of the vision and ideals of founder Dan Plath, the Northwest Indiana Paddlers Association (NWIPA) was formally founded on January 18, 2009 as a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the region's paddling resources and opportunities, providing environmental stewardship of the region's waterways, education, and providing a voice for the region's paddlers.

The Vision

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